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Moodle hosting is dedicated to address all Moodle Hosting requirements and provide
fully managed services and support. We believe that everyone should experience the
joy of Moodling.

Our SaaS and cloud hosting are optimally configured by our expert staff so that your Moodle runs efficiently and securely. Each server has a regularly updated and carefully configured firewall, especially for security and performance for Moodle. We make sure that all the Moodle features including Cron, Aspell for spell checking and Tex and Algebra filters for rendering mathematical formulas work out of the box without any special configuration or support request on your part on each of our Moodle servers.

To help you leverage the full advantage of the extended Moodle features, if you so desire, tested and reliable third-party Moodle plugins and extensions suiting your requirements will also be suggested. You may request installation of these modules and plug-ins at no additional cost!


have to say that your
moodle hosting service is
great. I used it for my
moodle project "virtual
classes". I never had a
problem in the classroom.
kids loved it...

Robert Frittmann